Announcing The BigCommerce Dev Library

Announcing the BigCommerce Dev Library

In any software project or platform, many of the best ideas come from developers actually building with the code itself. There will always be use cases that either aren’t considered by the core developer team or are edge cases that shouldn’t be in core, however important they are to a small group. These ideas are often best expressed as code samples.

A good developer library is more than a simple code repository. Code is unarguably important, but the most valuable thing a dev library contributes to a community is creative ideas. Rarely are the code snippets merely copied and pasted, they’re augmented to create entirely new code and introduce new features and concepts.

Recognizing the incredible value of ideas and experiences of the Developer Community, BigCommerce is pleased to announce our own Dev Library.

What Is The BigCommerce Dev Library?

Resources Included

The BigCommerce Dev Library contains a wide variety of resources. Our goal is to provide a space within the BigCommerce Dev Center to collect technical tutorials, code snippets, examples, and starters that live outside of the BigCommerce Dev Documentation. Library resources are gathered internally from BigCommerce as well as Community authors. You’ll also find gists and Github repositories featuring:

  • Example code
  • Templates
  • Resources
  • Functions
  • Collections of snippets
  • Widgets

The Dev Library showcases the fantastic work built by trailblazing developers who paved the way, and now they are generously passing it on to you, to help your projects grow better, faster.


Here are some examples from the Dev Library that are available right now.

How To Use The BigCommerce Dev Library

The library can be found in the BigCommerce Dev Center at developer.bigcommerce.com/dev-library/. It’s rendered as small cards with a title, brief description, and some tags. There’s a tag cloud on the left and a “type ahead find” search field at the top. Both of these filtering options work on the fly using AJAX, so you can search and find what you need fast.

Once you’ve found a card that looks promising, click the title and you’ll find a full page with a description of the resource and a link to the original code or article.

What’s Next

Our goal is to enable as many developers as possible. We’re going to continue adding to the library and we’d love to hear from YOU.

Share your resource ideas — whether the material was created by you or it is something that you’ve used and found helpful. We’d also love totally new ideas. If there’s an area that you think could use more coverage, please let us know.

Our long term plan is to add a submission form to the Library, so you can easily share your submissions. In the meantime, reach out to our team directly on Twitter at @BigCommerceDevs or email us at developers@bigcommerce.com. We can’t wait to see what you’ve built!

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