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I really enjoy speaking about topics that I’m passionate about. If you’d like me to speak at your event or meetup, just fill out the form below.


I have three topics I’m offering right now, but I’m open to requests as well. Requests are extra fun. 🙂

How To Draw Out Someone’s Story

My experience with HeroPress has taught me how to engage someone in conversation and get them to tell me their story, even if they don’t even realize they have a story. Personally I use this skill for a variety of things. Not only HeroPress, but also with clients for whom I’m working. I need to deeply understand their needs and requirements for the project, and often they don’t know how to articulate them properly. We’ll go over how to draw out that kind of information, and help people really describe what they’re thinking and feeling.

How To Be A WordPress Speaker And Teacher

This talk sprang from a conversation with a friend who’s actually already an accomplished speaker, but is wondering how to keep that skill sharp during a time of remote-only events. We’ll discuss how to break into speaking in general, how to stay sharp in your own education, and how to get speaking gigs.

How To Increase Diversity In Your Project, Company, And World

Diversity is perspective, and the more perspective you have the better work you can turn out and the better choices you can make. On I’ve striven for multi-dimensional diversity (gender, age, ethnicity, geography, etc). All things considered I’m pretty happy with the result. We’ll talk about why diversity matters and how to properly reach for it.

A Comparison Of Custom Field Libraries

We’ll take a look at three different Custom Fields libraries for WordPress, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), CMB2, and MetaBox. We’ll examine what each is best at, worst at, and give some code demos to show how easy it is to make really slick custom fields in WordPress.

Finding Your Audience – A HeroPress Case Study

When I started HeroPress I imagined what who audience would be, and how they would read the content. As it turns out I was wrong. This talk will describe how I learned who my readers were and how they consume the content.

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