How To Make A Professional Business Website With WordPress – Step By Step – A Complete Guide!

Want to make a professional small business website? In this video, we show you how to use WordPress to make a superb, fully-functional website (one that’s both technically excellent AND looks great) for any business – from START to FINISH! We build an example website from scratch – and, by following along, you too will be able to create a site for your business. So, whether you run a co-working space (as in our example), or something completely different, by simply following our guide you’ll have a polished, professional site up-and-running in no time!

Completed Example Website:


Hosting with Siteground – (Discounted):

SiteGround Coupon Code

Here’s what we’ll cover, in order:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:51 Step 1. Setting Up Hosting
00:06:07 Step 2. Installing WordPress
00:13:15 Step 3. Installing Plugins
00:16:57 Step 4. Installing Our Theme
00:20:01 Step 5. Building Our Homepage
00:26:00 Step 6. Building A Pitch Section
00:29:28 Step 7. Building An About Section
00:33:44 Step 8. Building A Member Listing
00:38:44 Step 9. Building A Testimonial Section
00:42:54 Step 10. Building The Footer
00:45:31 Step 11. Building The Navigation
00:51:31 Step 12. Building The News Page
00:56:28 Step 13. Building An About Page
01:00:26 Step 14. Speeding Up Our Site
01:04:23 Step 15. Creating Google Accounts
01:08:24 Step 16. Connecting To Google
01:10:47 Step 17. Configuring For SEO
01:12:22 Step 18. Jetpack: Stats and Antispam
01:19:06 Step 19. Jetpack: Backups
01:27:12 Step 20: Wrapping It All Up

WordPress theme – Hestia:


Plugins: TinyMCE Advanced & My Eyes Are Up Here:

Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)

My Eyes Are Up Here


Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO

Images from Unsplash:

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